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Who shall I vote for, who will get my nod?
I ask for guidance, "Hear me 0 my God
We need leaders who will help restore and heal our land.
Build it on firm foundation, not on shifting sand.

Leaders with a heart for the people, those who truly care.
Who will give of themselves, their leadership gifts fully share.
We hear their rhetoric, their promises and boast
But what should we look for in a leader. What matters most?"

Look for character, integrity, honesty, who and what they are.
Not only on the political stage but when with the struggles of life they spar.
How do they relate to others, are they consistent, caring and true?
Or do they blow with the winds of favor as a tumbleweed would do?

Their family life, is it marked with faithfulness and trust?
Is their speech unpolluted or hidden in a cloud of dust?
Their faith life - Are they reliant on, committed to the Lord?
Or do they waver with the crowd, a chameleon for the hoard.

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Competency is a chord worthy to pursue.
What they promise us, are they truly able to do?
Not are they great debaters, or fervent shaker of hands.
But will they function effectively in the face of all the demands.

It's not a matter of intelligence, or bloopers here and there.
But for their duties day by day, will they well prepare.
Have they a source of strength beyond themselves upon whom they call?
Will they inspire the people to follow, both great and small?

Observe the causes they promote, will they build up our land?
Do they portray the vital values upon which we stand?
Will they benefit the people, youth and seniors as well?
Quality education and health care, reality or political sell.

Equal rights or special rights favoring the select few.
Protecting the rights of our convictions, what we think and do.
Is the cause just or just a cause to win over the voters?
Promises to be kept or empty rhetoric to please paying supporters.

Challenges of great magnitude will surely come to pass.
Will they face the crises head on or conveniently by-pass?
Do they have inner strength, vitality and verve
To encourage, enable and lead the people they would serve?

Will they surround themselves with advisors truly wise and just,
Whose judgment birthed in integrity and experience are worthy of trust? Note their commitment level, their passion for the cause.
Have they a heart to truly serve or merely bask in applause?

What is their commitment vision, what do they desire our future to be?
Will they simply focus on our pleasure, bathe in our prosperity?
Or do they see a world in need, many struggling just to survive
Whom we can help with our resources, their hopes to revive.

A commitment to build a better nation & world working for genuine peace
Through strength of arms and arms of service, bring conflicts to cease.

What do we look for in a candidate for the leadership of our land?
Their character, do they stand firm in their conviction
or shift like the sand?
Are they competent to do the job, demanding as it may be?
Are their causes such as would build, bond and benefit our country?
Rising up to any challenge or opportunity that comes along,
Will their commitment to God and the people be active and strong?
All these things and many more are worthy of note.
But they mean nothing if we the people do not get out and vote.







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Voting guide written by Rev. Alan E. Ericksen.

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