Sept. 11th  2001 - Tragedy
Let us join together in prayer


When the heart is troubled and the day seems long,
And the mighty tempests roll,
The clouds are thick and foreboding,
There is sadness in your soul.

When things go wrong and you're weary,
And your heart cries out in pain,
What should I do? Which way do I go?
Crying out again and again.

Suddenly a soft voice whispers,
"Take time my child to pray,
While the storms of life are raging,
I will wipe your fears away."

"Don't listen to fear's voice - hear MINE!
Then STAND on what you've heard,
Don't fear yours, or the world's fate -
It's destined by MY WORD."

"Keep your eyes on ME, My Child,
And let Me wipe each tear,
For I am God and IN CONTROL -
So live in peace, not fear."

Precious God my loving Redeemer,
Brought peace to my soul that day,
My troubled tears, turned to tears of joy,
As I knelt on my knees to pray.

Poem by Becca

<bgsound src="Eph_KeepOnPraying.mid" loop=infinite>
"Keep On Praying"
Ephesians 6  10-11

Finally, be strong in the Lord, 
and in the strength of His might.
Put on the full armor of God, 
that you may be able to stand firm
 against the schemes of the devil.


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