Promise of God


Springs Chinook Winds

Chinook winds blow at winter’s end,
spring rushes to the thresh hold
of muddy lanes and patchy snow,
of trees budding grand and bold Crocus and tulips push through soil,
bluebells and buttercups flourish,
plowed fields await fresh plantings
spring sunshine soon will nourish

Butter Cups

Fleeting rainstorms kiss the face
of each flower in God’s design,
rainbows appear, then fade away,
leaving promise of glory divine Pitter-pat rhythms play on tin roofs,
cozy afghans cover our laps,
stretching cats recline on chair backs
as fireplace crackles and snaps Sunbeams streak through cloudy skies,
migrating geese fly above,
hints of fair weather changes bringing spring,
the season we love

Spring Tulip

Tamara Hillman copyright 2001

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