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My Spirit
My Spirit

Surely as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, I shall come unto you as the sun on a clear and bright day at noon shines down upon the earth.

And I shall pour forth My Spirit upon you, and it shall run as mighty rivers of water going forth in a powerful and great way. For there is a time when the river flows peacefully, and there is a time when the river flows at a rapid pace. I am calling you to come with Me, to take your journey upon the river. This is the river of My Spirit that flows forth from the very throne room, from My throne room. And as it goes forth I shall bring forth My people to come to rest in that peaceful journey upon the river.

There shall be times when you shall move rapidly, and you shall go through the rapids and you shall wonder, oh Lord, can I make this journey?
And I say unto you -- yes, you can make this journey, because I have taken a hold of you, and My hand is upon you. And I shall go with you, and I shall strengthen you. And I shall give you that strength deep within your own spirit that will encourage, and cause you to want to come with Me.

As you come with Me upon this journey, you shall see many things that you have not seen before, and you shall see those things through the eyes that I give unto you. For you shall see them through the spirit, not in the natural. You shall see them because I place My hand upon you, and I pour My Spirit down upon you.

Know that I am your God. Surely as I shine upon you, the brilliance of My light is being placed within you and upon you,
that you may shine and reflect the light that I have placed within you.

Know that I am your God, and that this day I have My hand upon you. So stand firm on the word that I have planted within you, and take your journey upon the river.

My Spirit © Fred Kelly

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