Last night when I started my Prayer, 
I asked God "Am I going to Heaven?"

He put his hand on my shoulder, 
Said "Lets start from your beginning."

We got upon his hand cart,
And started down the track,

I reached to take the handle, 
But He said, "No,  just sit back."

You've been down this road before,
So just sit back, and look.

He reached into his robe, 
And took out His small book.

He said, "This is where it started, 
Bumpy for a day,

But things got better .. 
As we went along our way."

The track had its ups and downs,
But w
asn't really bad.

It was in your teens, 
That made me really sad.

For when you reached your teen years, 
You began to stray.

You found so many other things, 
You had no time to Pray.

But I waited patiently,
Just to hear your praise.

Being with your family, 
I knew how you were raised.

Well you were about twenty

When you almost left the track,

Then I didn't know, 
If I would ever get you back.


Somehow you kept it on track, 
And got it straight once more.

That's when I knew, 
You'd be back to Me for sure.



Still the tracks a little bumpy, 
As you go along your way,

Just remember all you have to do, 
Is take the time to Pray."


I asked him "What's my chance? 
Or am I too late?"

He said "The way I see you now, 
I'll be waiting at the gate."



So if you feel you don't have a chance, 
For God to take you back,

Then kneel down and ask him, 
To take you on the track.


You are in for quite a ride!

"God Bless"


Copyright 2001 Walt Chapman


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