Promise of God




Dear God, Please help the poor people in the South.
Help them to get back on their feet,
and keep their faith -
for they need it right now.

Protect them from disease & poverty,
Give them water and food,
Things we all take for granted.
Most of all - give them love.

Give them safe passage on their way to another home,
Let them know they are not alone.
They are devastated dear Father,
Such a hard life they have never known.

Losing their homes, families & pets too.
All they have ever known.
Let us all help them Father.
For they are on a road yet to be shown.

Their riches may not be money,
but a roof over their heads -
and the ground under their feet.
A warm and comfortable bed.

They will have a long hard road,
and will need all the help they can get,
Keep them safe & bless them Father.
They have so far to go yet.

Father, please help the rescue people,
do their job safely.
Keep a watchful eye on them all Father,
This , in your name we pray.


" By - Judith Schreiber "


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