Promise of God


The families in their Sunday best
Are gathered here today
To offer praise to God above
And bow their heads to pray.

In honor of the Holy One
Sit quietly in their pews
To feel the touch of Jesus Christ
And know Him as I do.

Little girls with pretty bows
Dressed up in frills and lace
Tiny lads in suits and ties
Are filled with His sweet grace.

The sounds of music fill the room
The choir does softly sing
“Jesus loves me, this I know”
Oh hear those church bells ring.

The sacred songs of Sunday morn
Come drifting through the air
Voices echo in the breeze
A day, so ever fair.

A touch of Sunday can be found
To make a poor soul, glad
The preacher, as he brings the word
To every mom and dad.

So as you’re driving by a CH_ _CH
Not feeling up to par
You wonder what is missing here
Two simple words, U R.

Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson


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