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"If My people, who are called by My name"
Words like a trumpet resounding, a bush aflame.
It's a call to God's people transcending culture, status or race
To approach Him in diversity, yet unity, as partakers of grace.

"If" suggests condition, yet promise and possibility.
It swings the door open to God's awesome ability.
How might we come before You, Holy and gracious Lord
That Your righteousness and mercy might upon us be outpoured?

"If you will humble yourselves, before Me to fall
To know that I am your God and ruler of all.
Not to demean yourselves but to esteem Me as Lord.
To bend low with your brethren and come in one accord.

Come in contrition, confessing your sin and needs,
Yielding control of your life, that I may bless your deeds.
A humble heart is ready for the working of My will.
I will with My precious Spirit, your life infill.

Pray My people seek My face.
The breath of My Spirit will fill this place.
To pray is to ask, with heart, soul and mind.
To pray is to seek, to pursue, until the answer you find.

To knock until the door opens & God gives you what you ask.
For prayer is not wishful thinking but a disciplined task.
Seek My face until you know My presence and My will.
Then trust Me in My purpose and power, your requests to fulfill.

Turn from your wicked ways, from sins persuasions and pleasures part.
Come to Me that I may give you a clean & willing heart.
Wickedness is an affront to Me, for it deceives, demeans, destroys.
It spares not young or old with its tantalizing ploys.

Righteousness & integrity are the foundations upon which we stand.
When these are compromised, rejected, woe be that land.
But now as you pray that evil depart & righteousness be proclaimed
Once again I will be glorified & your homeland be reclaimed.

So, if My people will seek My face in humility and prayer,
Turn from their wicked ways their hearts to prepare
Then I will hear from heaven, I will listen to your request.
I will forgive your sin, remove it as far as east is from west.

And I will heal your land, true righteousness restore.
Healing homes & marriages, schools, government, relationships and more."
Blest is the land that welcomes the Lord, His will their way to guide.
As people pray and seek His face, with them He will abide.

If My People by Rev. Alan E. Ericksen

II Chronicles 7:14

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