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Dearest Father In Heaven,

I have been examining my life, and it seems I can see too much of me and not enough of You. It has caused me to request something quite spectacular from You. I want to experience more of Your awesome power in every aspect of my life. I am moved and inspired at how You reveal Your power every day in the grandeur of Your creation and the depth of Your artistry. Everything from the stunning peaks of the tallest mountains to the mysterious depths of the deepest oceans bears Your signature of power.

Heavenly Mail

When the storm rages, the winds blow, and the lightning streaks across the sky, it is Your thunderous voice that is heard heralding Your living power. Your powerful artistry is expressed in the excitement of Your golden dawns and in the peace of Your rich, pastel sunsets. Just as You reveal Your power in these works of creation, I want You to reveal Your power in my life and fill me with Your love. I want all that I do and all that I am to bear  Your signature of power. I want the boldness of my actions to light the horizons and the weight of my words to be spoken with thunderous truth and of a heavenly heart.

Yes, it is my greatest desire that my life be a portrait of Your power, painted by Your almighty hand.

Heavenly Mail from,
Your Loving Child.


Heavenly Mail MailboxHeavenly Mail Mailbox


Dear Loving Child,

  My answer comes from heaven with the rescuing power of My right hand. What I have produced in your life is better than the purest of gold and surpasses the finest of silver.

    Who has measured the waters in His hand or with His hand marked off the heavens? Who has held the earth's dust in a basket or placed the mountains on a scale and the hills on a balance? To whom will you compare Me, who is My equal?
I displayed the stars one by one and called them by name. Because of My great power and strength, not one of them is missing. I will give strength to you when you are weary and increased power when you are weak, You will fly like an eagle, run without growing tired, and walk without fading in strength, For I am a light and a shield, and I give you benefits and honor; nothing good will be withheld from you when you live in purity.  You possess a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline,

Fulfillment is in the life of those
 who trust Me.

Your Devoted Father
Answer taken from the scriptures of
 Isaiah 40: 12, 25,26 and 31















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