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D is for DreamR is for DreamE is for DreamA is for DreamM is for Dream


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Give me time to dream, oh Lord

Time now for reflections

Time to rid my frazzled mind

of a thousand and one expectations.

D is for Dream
Give me just a moment

to observe this changing time

~to shut out noise and disturbances

~To sweep them from my mind

R is for Dream

Let me notice little things

you give unselfishly

~the falling leaves, the pure white snow

~all the gifts you give to me.

E is for Dream

Let me look forward to tomorrow

without worry or regret

~forget the past and accept the present

~don't let me give up yet

A is for Dream

Slow me down, Lord, slow me down

~so I can see your face

~to pause and let the blessed calm

~my negative thoughts replace.

M is for Dream

Let me take the time to live and love

instead of racing out of control

Slow me down, Lord, slow me down

and still my restless soul





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