Promise of God

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Going Down The Mountain

I'm going down the other side
Of the mountain we call "time"
It's been a lovely journey,
But I'm weary from the climb.

Going Down The Mountain

The sunrise and the sunset fade,
As my sight is growing dim;
But there's glory all around me,
For I'm going down with Him.

Sometimes Jesus says, "Don't hurry,
Let's just stop a little while;
Another traveling down this way
Is in need of just a smile.

Time is passing -night is coming,
But there'll be another day;
Other travelers will find courage
By the kind words that you say."

Taking a Break by the river.

How much longer must I travel
For my friends are getting few?
But He tells me they'll find comfort
In the thoughtful things I do.

Now it hasn't been so different
Than 'twas on the other side;
For the same Lord has been with me,
And has been my constant guide.

Yes, sone day I'll reach the bottom,
And this life will all be o'er;
But the life begun in Heaven,
Will be better than before.

Jackson Glacier

The Dark

If the way is dark and you can't see ahead,
Remember that Jesus, our Saviour, has said;
"Lo, I am with you and always will be,
Through Life here on earth and all eternity."

Down The Mountain by Lucile Rees

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