Promise of God

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For a moment or perhaps a long while,
we are dropped into the depths of despair,
a tragedy of intense proportions. In the darkness we struggle with difficult and often confusing feelings.
As Christians we often feel guilty about these feelings. All are true human emotions, and necessary in enabling us to cope.

God understands our pain and our suffering.
He will wrap his loving arms around us,
He will be there when no one else can.

After a time we begin to feel his presence. 
You can see a faint light in the distance.

This is the light of HOPE.

 Moving toward the light -The Holy Spirit takes us by the hand and helps us to move even closer to the light. The light of the Lord that shines into each of our lives.
Here in The Lords loving presence our souls and our wounds begin to heal.
God has a plan for us and we can rest assured that we have been called here for a purpose.  Our job is not yet finished. 
We must continue to move forward. 

We might not understand the sequence of events in our lives. We might not understand the meaning of our suffering. But we have not lost everything , we are not alone.

We will always have HOPE.

As the Holiday season approaches, let us remember that Hope was born at Christmas,
His name is Jesus.

And Hope does live on.

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